For surfers who seek a relaxed and smooth ride, longboard surfboards are the perfect match. The extended surface area of these boards offers stability, balance, and an opportunity to hone skills ranging from cruising to nose riding. However, with a variety of options in the market, it can be overwhelming to select a longboard surfboard. We will narrow down a few rad longboards and highlight their distinguishing features, such as size, shape, fin setup, and materials used. Our aim is to help you on your longboard surfing journey to make an informed decision when looking for a longboard that suits your skills, wave conditions, and style of surfing.

What you need to know first

Surfing is a unique sport that requires a combination of skill, strength, and patience. Before hitting the waves, it's essential to learn the basics, including how to read and interpret the ocean's swells, tides, and currents. Additionally, it's crucial to understand the surfing etiquette and safety rules.

Choosing the right longboard is crucial to a successful surfing experience. It's essential to consider your skill level, the type of waves you'll be surfing, and your surfing style. Longboard surfboards are ideal for beginners and intermediate surfers, offering a stable platform while learning the basics of surfing.

Guide to Finding the Best Longboard Surfboard

Can we all just agree that longboarding has become the ultimate vibe in surfing? There’s just something therapeutic about cruising on a longboard. Unlike the thrills and spills of shortboarding, longboarding is all about that sweet and smooth ride. It’s about gracefully gliding on waves and feeling one with the ocean. Especially if you're a beginner surfer, finding the right beginner longboard can make or break your interest in surfing. We're here to help you figure out what longboard surfboard size you should get and how to choose the best one for you.

Why choose a longboard?

First things first, let’s talk about why choosing a longboard surfboard is the way to go. Longboards are the perfect option for those who want a more relaxed, laid-back surfing experience. They are known for their stability and ease of paddling, making them great beginner boards. They also allow for longer rides and can catch waves with ease, thanks to their larger surface area. Not only that, but longboarding is just plain fun! It’s an excellent way to mix up your usual surf routine and try something new.

What size longboard surfboard should I get?

Now that you’ve decided to give longboarding a shot, you’re probably wondering what size longboard surfboard you should get. The typical range for a longboard is between 8-12 feet in length. The general rule of thumb is that beginner surfers should opt for a longer board as it offers more stability and easier paddling. If you’re an intermediate or advanced surfer, a shorter board (within the 8-9 foot range) is ideal as it allows for more maneuverability and tricks. However, if you are taller or weigh more, you may want to consider getting a longer board for added stability.

How to choose the best longboard surfboard for you

When it comes to choosing the right longboard surfboard, there are a few factors to consider. Firstly, the shape of the board will affect your overall surfing experience. A rounded nose and wide tail provide excellent stability, while a pointed nose and narrow tail offer a more exquisite ride. Secondly, the fin setup determines the board's turning ability. Single fin setups are classic, but less maneuverable, while thruster setups (three fins) allow for tighter turns. Lastly, the material of the board can affect the weight and durability. Foam boards are more durable and forgiving, while fiberglass boards tend to be lighter and more high-performing.

How We Choose the Best Longboard Surfboard

At the beginning of the review process, we surveyed the market, scouted popular brands, and read customer reviews. We then set specific criteria such as its stability, maneuverability, weight, and durability. The ideal longboard surfboard should be easy to paddle, responsive, and provide ample speed, while accommodating any novice or advanced rider. Our objective is to deliver an objective review, highlighting the top performers for longboards.

No matter what board you end up choosing, absolutely nothing beats the feeling of riding the waves on a longboard. When selecting a longboard, consider the length, width, thickness, rocker, and fin configuration. Some of the best longboard surfboards in the market offer features such as durable materials, excellent buoyancy, and easy maneuverability, making it easier for surfers to catch and ride waves. A well-chosen longboard surfboard can make all the difference in your surfing enjoyment.

🏅 Wave Bandit Ben Gravy Pro EZ Rider Surfboard

Wave Bandit Ben Gravy Pro EZ Rider Surfboard

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Riding the perfect wave is every surfer's dream, but not every board can handle every condition. That's why the Wave Bandit Ben Gravy Pro EZ Rider Surfboard is the best overall board out there. Whether you're chasing an elusive river wave or braving the swells of the open ocean, this board has you covered. And if you're looking to impress your fellow surfers, the eye-catching design is guaranteed to turn heads. But what really sets this board apart is the philosophy behind it. The Wave Bandit motto, "Surf's Up Everywhere!" perfectly embodies the spirit of adventure that every surfer seeks. So, join the Nub Nation and let the Wave Bandit Ben Gravy Pro EZ Rider take you on your next surfing adventure.

🏄🏽‍♀️ features
The Wave Bandit Ben Gravy Pro EZ Rider Surfboard is without a doubt the best overall surfboard around. Not only is it endorsed by the legendary surf personality Ben Gravy, but it also boasts impressive features that make it suitable for all skill levels. The fun egg shape of this board is perfect for beginners who are still finding their footing on the waves, while advanced surfers can still have a blast with it. It is double Maple wood Stringered, has an EPS core, a pop thru TPU 4.5inch tri fin set up and a smooth hdpe slick bottom. Let's not forget the RADICAL bottom skin graphic that adds an eye-catching appeal to this board. Measuring at 9’0” x 24.0” x 3.50” (98 Liters), this surfboard is a must-have for anyone looking for a versatile board that can handle a variety of wave conditions.

🥈 Wavestorm Classic Longboard Surfboard

Wavestorm 8ft Classic

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The Wavestorm 8ft Classic Longboard Surfboard is a game-changer for those on a budget. This board is a fantastic option for those who want to experience the joys of surfing without breaking the bank. Its design includes a soft top deck, making it a great option for beginners who might not have the best balance just yet. Additionally, the board is lightweight, which is ideal for handling out in the water. The classic longboard shape of the Wavestorm 8ft allows for a smooth and enjoyable riding experience from start to finish. So, if you want to enjoy the surf without jeopardizing your wallet, the Wavestorm 8ft Classic Longboard Surfboard is one you're going to want to check out.

🏄🏽‍♀️ features
When it comes to finding the perfect budget-friendly surfboard, the Wavestorm 8ft Classic Longboard is a top contender. With its soft foam construction and strong EPS core, it's built to last and take on any waves that come your way. The soft WBS-IXL crosslink top deck and rails provide added comfort and stability for riders of all skill levels. Plus, the exclusive sunburst color graphic art deck makes it not only functional but also stylish. With removable bolt-thru fins, an ankle leash, and a traction pad included, this board has everything you need to hit the waves. Weighing in at just 11.5lbs and with a volume of 86 liters, this board is easy to transport and maneuver. Don't sacrifice quality for price - the Wavestorm 8ft Classic Longboard proves that you can have both.

🥉 Paragon Surfboards Retro Noserider Longboard

Paragon Surfboards Retro Noserider Longboard

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why we ❤️ this surfboard
Do you love the feel of the waves under your feet? Then you'll love the Paragon Surfboards Retro Single Fin Noserider. This longboard surfboard takes its shape inspiration from the retro longboards of the 1960s, giving it a classic feel. However, it's not just about looks. The Retro Single Fin Noserider is designed to provide unparalleled stability and glide, giving you the ultimate surfing experience. Plus, it's constructed with solid materials and unbeatable value, making it a no-brainer for anyone who wants a great board without breaking the bank. Experience the magic of surfing with the Paragon Surfboards Retro Single Fin Noserider, and never look back.

🏄🏽‍♀️ features
If you're in the market for a longboard that offers maximum control and an amazing surfing experience, the Paragon Surfboards Retro Noserider Longboard should be at the top of your list. This board has a wider-than-normal square tail and a full nose, making noseriding a breeze. The 50/50 rails provide stability and an amazing ride. Additionally, high-end materials are used in its construction, making it light weight and incredibly durable. Its single bottom concave, 6oz top and bottom glass job, and gloss finish make it a perfect choice for experienced and novice surfers alike. Surprisingly, it's available at a fraction of the cost of equivalent longboards that other shapers offer. The Paragon Retro Noserider is a classic and a favorite for surfers looking to get back to their roots or those looking to elevate their surfing skills.

Longboard Surfboard FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions and their detailed answers to help you choose the best longboard surfboard:

What length should a longboard surfboard be to learn on?

For beginners, a longboard surfboard should be at least 8 to 9 feet long. Longer boards provide increased stability and easier paddling, allowing new surfers to catch waves and stand up with greater ease.

What is the difference between a longboard and a shortboard?

Shortboards are typically less than 7 feet long, while longboards are over 9 feet long. Longboards have more surface area and buoyancy, which provides greater stability and is easier to paddle. Shortboards are more maneuverable and better for experienced surfers looking for high-performance in steeper waves.

Should I get a foam or fiberglass longboard surfboard?

Foam longboard surfboards are more affordable and beginner-friendly since they are more forgiving and less likely to cause injury. Fiberglass longboard surfboards are more durable and provide greater speed and maneuverability.

How many fins should a longboard surfboard have?

Longboard surfboards typically have one center fin, while some models may have additional side fins for more stability and maneuverability.

Can I use a longboard surfboard in small waves?

Yes, longboard surfboards are ideal for small, gentle waves. With their larger surface area, longboards can catch waves more easily, making them perfect for small, mushy waves or slow-breaking points.

Which is better: a single fin or multi-fin longboard surfboard?

The choice between a single fin or multi-fin surfboard comes down to personal preference and surfing style. Single fin boards provide a classic, smooth ride, while multi-fins offer increased maneuverability and speed.

What is the ideal thickness for a longboard surfboard?

The ideal thickness for a longboard surfboard depends on the surfer's weight, skill level, and desired ride. As a general rule of thumb, a longboard surfboard should be around 3 inches thick.

What makes a good nose riding longboard?

Having the right surfboard is essential for you to master the art of nose riding. The perfect surfboard needs to have a few special characteristics, such as length and shape, so that you can ride it successfully.

A good nose-riding board should be around 9’ or more in length for more stability and better performance on steeper waves. The shape is important since it determines how well your board will perform on different waves and speeds. If a board has an aggressive rocker, then it won't do well with most small waves because of its flatness at top speed. Generally, boards with round noses generate less drag while allowing stability when riding up onto the wave face, but square tails are often used by those looking for extra grip when turning off the bottom of a wave - giving them control even at high speeds.

Boards made out of foam or wood offer flexy rides which helps with smooth carves whereas solid construction boards offer consistent reactions every time so mastering them requires good technique rather than relying on materials flexibility for power moves like cutbacks or off-the-lips maneuvers. Finally carbon fiber composites give unparalleled strength against impact from hard hitting sections but lack forgiveness required from high speed turns without any kind of significant training or experience beforehand. They are high performance longboards best suited for advanced riders who can handle these nitro fueled feats.

What makes a longboard surfboard expensive?

Longboard surfboards can be expensive due to high-quality construction materials, such as composites or eco-friendly bamboo, or custom shapes, graphics, and designs. Additionally, boards crafted by renowned shapers can carry a premium price tag due to their skill and reputation.

Best Longboard Surfboard

When it comes to surfing, having a longboard surfboard is great if you're looking for a more relaxed, laid-back surfing life. When looking for one, make sure you take your skill level, height, and weight into consideration. Consider the different shapes, fin setups, and materials to ensure you select the one that works best for you. The most important thing is to have fun and enjoy the ride - after all, that’s what surfing is all about.

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