Shortboard surfboards are the go-to choice for experienced surfers who enjoy the thrill of high-speed maneuvers and challenging waves. Often referred to as performance boards, shortboards are designed for quick and agile movements, allowing surfers to carve sharp turns and ride with speed and precision.

The board's length usually ranges from 5'6" to 6'6", making it easy to maneuver in the water. Shortboards have a narrower width, lower volume, and a pointed nose that helps the board cut through the waves. Surfing with shortboards can be a challenging yet rewarding experience, perfect for the adrenaline junkie looking for an exciting ride.

What you need to know first about shortboards

Surfing can be an exhilarating experience, especially surfing with a shortboard. To get started, it's essential to navigate the ocean safely, understand the basics balancing on the board, and recognize the behavior of the waves. It's also important to wear the proper gear, such as wetsuits, rash guards, and booties, to stay warm and protected from the sun's harmful UV rays. When it comes to shortboards, understanding the board's size, shape, and performance characteristics is crucial.

Shortboards are designed for experienced surfers who can handle their quick and agile movements in challenging wave conditions. As a result, beginners may need to start with a more stable and forgiving board like a longboard, until they develop the necessary skills to ride a shorter board.

Difference between a longboard and a shortboard

Longboard surfboards are wider, longer, and thicker than shortboards. They are ideal for beginners and offer better stability and ease of use.
Shortboards are used by more experienced surfers and are much narrower, lighter, and less stable, but offer greater maneuverability and speed.

How we choose the Shortboard

Choosing a shortboard can be a bit overwhelming, given the variety of options available on the market. We understand the importance of finding the right surfboard that not only matches your skill level but also complements your style. To choose a shortboard, we evaluate factors such as shape, size, weight, and materials. We also looked at the board's performance in different wave conditions and its compatibility with various levels of surfers. Additionally, we consider customer feedback and expert reviews to ensure that my recommendations are both reliable and up-to-date.

🏅 Rock-It 4'10" CHUB Surfboard

Rock-It CHUB Surfboard

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Why we ❤ this surfboard

Finding the perfect shortboard surfboard can be challenging, but the Rock-It Surfboard CHUB stands out as one of the best overall options on the market. This twin-fin board boasts excellent buoyancy, making it an ideal option for both beginners and seasoned surfers. Its ease in maneuverability and paddling make catching waves a breeze, while its sturdiness and durability make it a great board to take on any adventure, whether it's river surfing or charging shore-break waves. If you're looking for a versatile and reliable shortboard surfboard, the Rock-It Surfboard CHUB is definitely worth considering.


When it comes to shortboards, the Rock It Surfboard is undoubtedly the best overall choice on the market. From its construction to its features, every detail has been designed with the surfer in mind. The makers of this board have ensured its durability, with a marine wooden stringer that is not only coated with an epoxy nano-coating to resist water absorption but also surrounded by a proprietary EPS foam and a color-fast UV resistant soft top layer. This means that the board is not only resistant to water damage but it also retains a high level of grip despite the lack of wax. Additionally, the Rock It Surfboard is manufactured in a facility that utilizes collected rainwater and does not use harmful dyes, glues, resins or toxins in the production process. Overall, the Rock It Surfboard is the go-to choose for surfers weighing up to 150lbs who are looking for a reliable and durable shortboard surfboard.

🥈 South Bay Board 6' Surfboards

South Bay Board 6' Surfboards

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Why we ❤ this surfboard

The South Bay Board Co. Shortboard Surfboard is one of the most impressive budget surfboards we've seen. It’s perfect for intermediate and advanced surfers who want to improve their skills without breaking the bank. This surfboard has an impressive lightweight construction that makes it easy to carry and maneuver in the water. It’s also designed to handle a wide variety of wave conditions ranging from small mushy waves to powerful overhead barrels. Overall, this is a great shortboard surfboard for those looking for high performance at a reasonable price you can afford.


When it comes to finding the best budget shortboard surfboard, the South Bay Board Co.'s 6' Guppy model should definitely be on your radar. This lightweight board weighs in at only 10lbs and comes equipped with everything you need to hit the waves, including soft-top surfboard fins and a leash. But it's not just the features that make this board stand out. Its rounded nose and nose rocker help prevent nose-diving, while the widened chest area makes it easier to pop up. The classic squash tail allows for cleaner turns, and the fast flat bottom deck ensures speed in small waves. Plus, with an off-set paint stripe design on the soft IXPE foam top deck, an EPS closed cell foam core with one fiberglass rod and two wooden stringers, and an impact-netting HDPE plastic bottom deck for extra durability, the South Bay Board Co. 6' Guppy is both functional and stylish.

🥉 Ho StevieSoft Top Shortboard Surfboard

Ho StevieSoft Shortboard

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Why we ❤ this surfboard

The Ho Stevie Soft Top Shortboard Surfboard has taken the surfing world by storm for its well-thought-out design and beginner-friendly features. This surfboard is a perfect combo of the soft top's comfort and foam core's volume that offers a smooth ride in the water. The surface of the board provides the much-needed grip and is non-slip, ensuring you stay in control through all the waves. Whether you are a novice surfer looking to catch your first wave or an experienced rider seeking some fun, this shortboard surfboard has got you covered. You'll appreciate its quality build and how it actually surfs!


Riding the waves has never been more exciting with the Ho StevieSoft Top Shortboard Surfboard. Unlike other foamie surfboards, this one is designed like a classic fiberglass surfboard but with the added soft top layer for a comfortable ride. With the square tail, you can go faster and have a much looser feeling, which makes it perfect for those who want perform some impressive carves and turns. The top layer is made of "ALLIGATOR SKIN" material, which is soft and grippy, eliminating the need for wax. The black and white striped bottom ensures a clean and classic look. The triple stringers and fiberglass cloth (two on top and one at the bottom) with epoxy resin make this shortboard surfboard extremely durable. Get ready to ride the waves with this unique and reliable surfboard.

Shortboard FAQs

We hope the following Frequently Asked Questions section regarding shortboards can help provide you an understanding of what to consider when buying a board. These include queries on the board's performance, materials, dimensions, and design characteristics.

Is it harder to surf on a shortboard?

Yes, surfing on a shortboard is generally considered to be more difficult than using a longboard. Longboards are easier for beginner surfers.

What is the ideal size for a shortboard surfboard?

The ideal size of a shortboard surfboard depends on various factors such as the surfer's height and weight, level of expertise, and preferred surfing location. In general, shortboards range from 5'6" to 6'4" depending on the surfer's dimensions.

What are the best materials for a shortboard surfboard?

The best materials for a shortboard surfboard include polyurethane, foam, and fiberglass. These materials are durable, lightweight, and offer excellent performance characteristics.

How do I maintain my shortboard surfboard?

To maintain your shortboard surfboard, rinse it with fresh water after each use, avoid exposing it to direct sunlight, use wax when needed to maintain traction, and store it in a cool, dry place.

What are the dangers of surfing with a shortboards?

Surfing with a shortboard can be dangerous if done without proper training, experience, and knowledge of wave patterns and weather conditions. The risks include wipeouts, collisions with other surfers, and drowning. It is essential to learn from experienced surfers and receive proper training before venturing out.

Can a beginner surfer use a shortboard?

Beginners should use shortboards when they have more experience surfing. Novice surfers should learn fundamental skills of surfing with a longer more stable board.

Why is longboard better than shortboard surfboard?

Longboards have more stability, increased buoyancy and paddling speed, larger surface area for greater control, easier paddle power and handling in bigger waves.

Should I get a longboard or a shortboard?

The type of board you should get will depend on your experience level and individual preferences.

Shortboards are great for experienced surfers who know how to control their board with precision as well as those who want more speed while riding small waves or going through hollow barrels at the beach break.

Longboards give much more stability than shortboards thanks to their larger surface area which makes them easier to maneuver because they don't require as much balance or upper body strength compared to shorter boards do.

Why are short boards harder to ride?

Short boards are considered harder to surf since they require a higher level of skill, control, and agility on the part of the surfer. Short boards are generally smaller in size than longboards, so they don't provide as much stability or buoyancy.

Best Shortboards for You

Shortboard are a popular choice for experienced surfers seeking high-speed maneuvers and challenging waves. These performance boards offer quick and agile movements that allow for sharp turns and speed. When choosing the best shortboard, it's essential to consider factors such as shape, size, weight, material, and compatibility. With the right board and skills, you can maximize your surfing performance and enjoy an exhilarating ride.

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