Do you know who came in Last place in your Fantasy League? Then we've got the perfect gift for them! Check out our selection of hilarious Toilet Bowl Champion gifts for the biggest fantasy football Loser. They may not love this funny gift, but you'll definitely get a laugh out of shaming them.

What is the Toilet Bowl trophy for?

The Toilet Bowl trophy is a humiliating trophy awarded for being the worst team in your League.

Who wouldn't want a gag gift? These make great conversation starters, and they're perfect for anyone who loves to laugh. Plus, they're sure to remind your friend of their humiliating finish every time they see it.

How We Chose the Most Humiliating Trophy to Shame the Biggest Loser

Your buddy just lost your fantasy football league, and you're up to show them who's boss. It's the perfect time to help remind them all year long. We've got the perfect solution for you - gift them a Toilet Bowl Trophy! This hilarious trophy is perfect for the fantasy football loser and will make sure everyone knows who came in last place. We've read dozens of gifts from Amazon and we'll share and review our top 3 favorites to give 'em Smack.

🏅Decade Awards Trophy

Decade Awards Trophy


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❤️ Why we love this Smack

It's hard to take the last-place spot in a fantasy football league. But when that happens, you can surely humiliate the team with a Decade Awards Trophy! This trophy is made from sturdy metal, so they'll have something solid to show for all their 💩 effort, even if they didn't win a championship. It's well-crafted and weighty, giving it both character and presence. Plus, you'll get an engraved plate with a message free of charge from the vendor – perfect for recording that special achievement! So be proud of that last spot in the standings – reward the team with this Crappy Trophy🤣

🚽 features

If you're looking for the appropriate gift for your fantasy football league's "crappiest" participants, the Decade Awards Toilet Bowl Trophy is the perfect choice! A humorous reward that is sure to bring a laugh, this trophy will look great. It's mounted on a rosewood base and stands 5 inches tall. To add that extra special touch, it includes a customized gold plate with 3 lines of engraving featuring 30 characters and spaces per line - enough to make everyone chuckle! Now there's no better way to acknowledge those fantasy football duds than with a Toilet Bowl Trophy.

🥈 ‎Crown Awards Loser Trophy

Crown Awards Loser Trophy

🥈 Budget Pick

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❤️ Why we love this Smack

The Crown Awards Loser Trophy is the perfect gift to commemorate any fabulous fail! When you’re recognizing the fantasy manager's extraordinary poo effort in a losing team, you can now do so in style. Don’t forget, ‘losing sometimes is the only way to win’!

The Crown Awards Loser Trophy features classic styling and durability that celebrates your failures with class. A perfect accent for any wall of shame, this characterful trophy will ensure friends and foes alike remember you with a priceless blunder smile on their faces. With fantastic custom engraving options available, we bet you’ll also have a good laugh as soon as they lay eyes on it!

Don’t worry about breakage either – despite its lightweight profile, the Crown Awards makes an impact wherever it is presented or stored. And not that anyone ever needs reminding about their ill-fated attempts but just in case, this crowning piece of memorabilia arrives quickly and in pristine condition to take pride of place among other fine accomplishments. So if embarrassing moments are something worth celebrating then proudly display defeat with a touch of comedic genius thanks to this fantastic Loser Trophy😁

🚽 features

If you've ever known the disappointment of being a loser, then the Crown Awards Loser Toilet Bowl Trophy just might be for you! It's the perfect gag award for any event where there can only be one winner. This eye-catching trophy is 5.5" x 2.75" x 2.75", and customizable with personal text engraving on the 1.75"W x 0.56"H plate. And don't worry about getting stuck with this silly souvenir - it's made from durable resin material, so your "losers" will be able to treasure their Toilet Bowl Trophies forever!

🥉 Speedy Trophies Fantasy Football Trophy

Speedy Trophies

🥉 Podium Pick

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❤️ Why we love this Smack

Don’t let your fantasy football Rock Bottom champ skate by without their due reward. Give them the Speedy Toilet Bowl Trophy Fantasy Football awarded with a lethal combination of style and substance. This awesome toilet bowl trophy is the go-to choice for a hilarious gag gift and getting back at someone who thinks they know everything when it comes to Fantasy Football.

So if you want a legendary way to watch those last-place finishers squirm with embarrassment, the Speedy Trophies Fantasy Football Trophy will do its thing. Put them in their rightful place with a trophy that truly speaks for itself.

🚽 features

Get ready to take your SMACK to the next level with the ‎Speedy Trophies Fantasy Football Trophy! It is made of robust high-grade resin, mounted on a luxurious piano finish base, —creating an unbeatable impression! And it also comes with the engravable plate for free, holding up to 3 lines with 20 characters each: more than enough room to immortalize the Loser's name for generations. No need to worry about fading glory – this trophy isn't going anywhere!

Toilet Bowl Trophy FAQs

Coming in Last Place in your Fantasy Football league can be a devastating experience, but it's made even worse when you give out Smack to display the evidence of their loss for all to see. A Toilet Bowl Trophy is the perfect way to dish out the Smackdown for the entire offseason. It feels like a slap in the face when you lose your fantasy football league, but what's even worse is that you have to find a place for that ugly trophy. This hilarious trophy is perfect for any Fantasy Football fan who wants to remind their friends that they're the ultimate loser.

What does talking smack mean in Fantasy Football?

When you talk smack in fantasy football, you're basically trash-talking your opponents. It could be something as simple as boasting about how well your team is doing, or it could be more personal, like making fun of someone's player picks or team name. Trash-talking is a way to try to get into your opponent's head and throw them off their game.

Of course, it's all in good fun - unless someone takes it too seriously. In that case, things can quickly turn ugly. So if you're planning on talking some smack, just be sure to keep things light-hearted and respectful. After all, we're all here to have some fun!

What are consolation games in fantasy?

In fantasy football, a consolation game is a matchup between the teams that did not make it to the next winning round. These games are typically played after the end of the regular season, and they allow teams who may not have had the best year to still compete in the league and finish with some semblance of pride.

How does the toilet bowl work in fantasy football?

In fantasy football, the toilet bowl is the battle for Last Place in the final standings of a league. It is so-called because it is often seen as a place where teams have flushed their seasons down the drain and ended up in last place.

Depending on your League settings, the toilet bowl champion can be determined in a few different ways. One way is by the Lowest total points scored by a team over the course of the season. Another way is the team that lost every game in the Loser's consolation Bracket. Generally speaking, most leagues have their Toilet Bowl champions crowned for being last place in the Final Standings.

What does the consolation bracket mean?

The consolation bracket in football is a matchup between the losing teams from the League. The winning team from the consolation bracket then goes on to play against the winner of the other brackets.

What is a Toilet Bowl Champion in Fantasy Football?

The Toilet Bowl Champion is the team that finishes last in your Fantasy Football League.

Toilet Bowl Trophy for the fantasy football loser

If you're looking for a hilarious way to dish out the Smackdown to your friend who came in as the last-place team in your Fantasy Football league, then check out the above picks for toilet bowl trophies. These trophies are sure to make any loser feel like they got exactly what they deserved. So, if you want to remind your friends that they're the total losers this year, check out our favorite toilet bowl trophies and make them eat their words for the entire off-season.

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